Cream ~ Amish Cream Lotion
Cream ~ Amish Cream Lotion
Cream ~ Amish Cream Lotion

Cream ~ Amish Cream Lotion

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An soothing organic aloe, very hydrating with vitamin e & neem oil  -  


REDFoot Cream - Deep Soothing Herbal Cream - for intense foot and leg discomfort sometimes associated with Neuropathy.  Cooling and deeply soothing to intense discomfort associated with aching, burning, cramping, restless painful feet and legs.

Ingredients:  Water, Glycerin, sweet almond (purnus amygdalus dulcis) oil, stearic acid, jojoba oil, certyl palmitate, tea tree, peppermint oi, menthol, glyceryl stearate, arnica montana flower extract, phenoxyethanol, ethylexylglycerin, tocopherol (Vitamin E), socium citrate.

USE:  Apply from knees to toes and/or other painful areas twice daily, AM & PM.


BLUE:  Hand Repair Cream - Helps soothe hands and nails.  Helps repaid cracked hands, brittle nails. Leaves hands feeling silky and smooth.   Promotes healthy nails.

INGREDIENTS:  Contains oils of calendula, peppermint, lavender and arnica extract along with glycerin.  These natural ingredients aid in repairing sore, creacked skin while providing soothing comfort and protection from harsh conditions.

USE:  Apply as needed  


GREEN:  Arthritis Cream - Deep penetrating relief  

Arthritic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, back pain

All natural non-greasy

fresh scent from arnica & eucalyptus

Ingredients:  Menthol

Arnica montana flower extract, cetyl palmitate, peppermint (Mentha Piperita oil, ethylexylglycerin, eucalyptus, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, phenoethanol, rosemary, sodium citrate, stearic acid, jojoba, sweet almong oil, tea tree oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), water.


Protect from excessive heat store at 68 - 77 degrees F

For external use only!

Keep out of reach of children

each 4.5 ozs