Freshies COWGIRL BOOT - car room freshener

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SCENT:   Leather & Lace  scent!  A wonderful blend of masculine and feminine fragrance with a contrasting aroma. Tanned leather blends with with light floral notes, orange blossom & sweet musk.

Freshie - Cowgirl boot shaped - country style!  Blue boot with sparkles car freshener with cord to hang from rear view mirror, in a bedroom or anywhere you need a little fresh scent! 

Handmade in Hermitage, PA

Size:  apx 2.5 w x 4" h keep in sealed bag until ready to use to preserve fragrance freshness.

packaged in a plastic zip seal bag

fragrance will last apx 4-6 weeks

Made in USA

Warning:   Hand freshie immediately once taken out of packaging.   Do not place freshie on dash or any other surface, as the scent/color may stain or damage .  Toxic if consumer.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Keep out of direct sunlight.   Keep from extreme heat above 100 degrees F. DO NOT place in wax burner or attempt to melt!   We are not responsible for any damage or replacements due to misuse.  

Ingredients:   Aroma plastic beads, fragrance, mica, glitter, silicone bead