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Lip Gloss ~ Carmela Spark

Lip Gloss ~ Carmela Spark

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We wanted to make LeChic's first cosmetic launch special so we created a lip product that looks just as good as it feels on your lips. Introducing LeChic Cosmetix Lip Gloss, an incredibly wearable and comfortable gloss formulation! It acts fast to naturally plump your lips and fill out lines. This sheer gloss feels more like a liquid balm. Skin-loving ingredients, like Vitamin E and nourishing oils, are infused into each gloss. This formula is so hydrating that you'll find yourself reaching for it over regular lip balm at times. 

Don't let the color in the tube fool you, this gloss sheers out to offer you a light wash of color. These low-pigment glosses act more as a wash of color that accentuates your natural lip color. Even the deepest colors sheer out to be more of a light tint. 


Shade: Carmela Spark is a pink tinted gloss with red glitter flecks.