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Wax Tart Snap Bar ~ Relax

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These delectable candy shaped wax tart snap bars smell just as delightful as they look. They come as a part of our first snap bar collection and pack a powerful aroma with each use. These scents are guaranteed to awaken the love bug in all of us with complex florals and natural fruity scents. Glitter flecks are suspended throughout the bars making the wax look fabulous even as it melts.

Our soy + paraffin blend of wax tart melts are hand-poured and are a great alternative to candles. You can even mix two wax tart melts to create your own special blended scents at home! Each container has 5 blocks and a total of 1.9 oz of scented wax to melt in your electric warmer. All you have to do is place 1-2 squares in your warmer and enjoy!

Scent: Relax

All of our products are Handmade in Hermitage, PA. Every single batch is packed with love and care. Thank you for supporting a small women run business!