Hydrosol ~ LAVENDER Lavandula angustifolia

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Hydrosols are aromatic waters produced by steam distillation. These hydrosols are intentionally distilled for enhanced therapeutic benefits, using fresh plant material distilled in a copper still for a longer period of time. Hydrosols are far less concentrated than essential oils, have very few safety concerns, & most are gentle enough to use on children.  

2 oz glass amber bottle with sprayer

Hydrosol is distilled from freshly picked, optimally harvested organic plant material, water-based and energetically vibrant distillates which brings a gentle richness when practicing aromatherapy.   These hydrosols can be used as revitalizing tonics, refreshing room spays, first-aid remedies (natural), and as carriers in stunning aromatherapy blends (aromatically).   

Relax - Stress

Spritz your pillows with relaxing lavender hydrosol & allow the stress of the day melt away!

Relieve - Soreness

Urgently comforts skin issues.  Apply after washing with soap & water, giving the vulnerable area a few sprays with lavender hydrosol.

Skincare - Complexion - After Sun

Condition your skin with cooling relief with lavender hydrosol after being in the sun.

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