Makeup Remover Cloth - Organic Cotton

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These organic bamboo and cotton face cloths are extra thick and incredibly soft - 2 layers of organic bamboo cotton blend sewn together making for a sturdy washcloth that will last 900 washes.
Super soft and gentle, these are made of the same materials as our cotton rounds. The best part?
They are black - meaning no more makeup stains! These are the perfect accessory for using our facial cleansing oils. Each cloth measures approximately 9.5'' x 10'' prior to washing.
Materials: 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton We recommend washing separately prior to use.
Care: we recommend hand or machine washing these in hot, warm or cold water according to your preference. Lay flat to dry.
We do not recommend tumble drying these, since doing so may cause them to lose their shape.
Made in China