Potty Pucks - Natural Toilet Cleaning Tablets

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A Healthier Alternative to cleaning and freshening up your potty!   ALL NATURAL deodorizing pucks to conveniently toss in toilet for regular cleaning.   

Safe for Septic & Easy to Use




No Harsh Chemicals - Kill germs without the toxic ingredients!  

Available - indivuidually

Available as a refill bag

Let's protect ourselves, loved ones, & and our planet!

Sold in refill package containing 8  in zip top bag.  To prolong freshness - transfer nuggets to an airtight glass / plastic container upon receipt.   

Clean ingredients:   Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Distilled White Vinegar, Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Made in USA   Vegan   Non-Toxic  Cruelty-free   Handmade in PA

Refill Bag contains  apx  1.5 oz  ea  = apx 8 pucks

Use within  3 months

How to Use:  Drop a potty puck in, allow to fizz & foam for ap 10-15 minutes, Scrub, Flush. Freshen your potty garbage disposal from unwanted odor!  Drop a deodorizer nugget down the disposal - enjoy the clean and fresh scent.   

Also available in reusable, refillable jars.   Order the refill and see our listings for a container.  See our listings under Refill Station.